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Basically it is a service providing firm. It has established in 1980. H.M. Zaman is the founder of it. Coporton Electronics was the first name of this firm. Since the inception, it has been Repairing and Servicing Electronic Goods such as TV, VCR, VCP, Tape Recorder etc. so wisely and carefully in Pabna, Bangladesh.

On the doorstep of the new millennium, people are yearning for new perspectives, new lifestyles and more important, better solutions. To keep that in mind the firm name changed to Coporton Computer & Electronics and it has been starting computer sale and service in Pabna. Though it started the business unofficially in the beginning of 1998, it started working officially in 2000 began as computer sale and service in Pabna, Bangladesh. Read More...

Coporton Products


An Own Branded Personal Computer


All kind of Laptops, Notebooks etc.

Clone PC

A Customizable Personal Computer


All kind of Mainboards, Processors etc.
Coporton Management

A Software for Business and Office Management


Basically Coporton Computer & Electronics is a service providing firm. Everybody of this firm is very careful and faithful to their respective consumers. For better support and service it earns huge reputation and 'COPORTON' a brand name of this firm by its honorable consumers.

COPORTON's Goodwill, Fame and Popularity is still unimpaired many aspects of society. With the keep pace with the world, the firm is increasing its service and quality. Numerous staff built their high profile careers from here, who are respectful & successful.

A lot of people want to know, what does COPORTON mean? COPORTON stands for Trustful, Sincerity, Dignity, Faithful and so on. Actually, there is no academic or dictionary meaning for Coporton. It comes from 'coptron', which is meant a precious part of robots.


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    Md. Ossain Mihour
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